Simply for millenials

Dynamite is the brand for the Canadian looking for a easy living fashion, with no-hassle. With more than 370 stores spread throughout the territory and manufacturing exclusively « made in Canada » the brand proudly claims its local identity.


A symbol of fast fashion, Dynamite develops collections that are constantly renewed, in line with trends and fashion savvy, with the objective to be at the right quality and the right style. 

Clean and pure, the perfume and the skincare range, fully embodies the concept of essentiality:
  • Simple formulas,
  • A simple identity,
  • A simple message and tone…
  • but with perfectly mastered execution and a wonderfully contemporary image…
    dynamite_femme_01 copie

    The graphic simplicity asserts a « no fuss » posture aimed at millenials savvy, sensitive to authentic refinement and elegance.