Fashion sensoriality

Diana Vreeland, « the first empress of fashion » in the specialised press, dared to be handsome, irreverent and exceptional through bold style columns to capture her time in the prestigious Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue magazines. « You can see everything and feel everything with clothes »

DV – Diana Vreeland is a collection of fragrances designed as a fashion collection: fragrances to wear, which echo the desire of the day, as one would put on a garment, symbol of an imaginary style.

The box as a wardrobe, is the locker room of the object of desire. The audacity of the flamboyant red to dress the case, to exhibit as a haute couture piece designed with Baron & Baron.

If fashion is not only about clothing, is an outfit completed without accessories? Such as an exceptional stone, the bottle plays faceted volumes with vibrant colors that reflect the intensity of the fragrances.

Such as the clothes label, a fringed embrace and the Diana Vreeland signature are the ultimate finishes of the object.