Serious care for mischievous kids

Who said bath time should be a chore? An encounter moment between childs and parents, bathing is fun, filled with laughs and games. Bubbsi finds its purpose on the basis of an observation: hygiene products for children are too austere, and Bubbsi is committed to offering natural, effective and fun products.


No more formulas that irritate the eyes or the skin, long live the funny and benefial foam! Composed with 98% natural ingredients, the formulas are nourishing and clean, with a delicious smell and sensoriality, specially created for babies’ and children’s skin.

The 3 « Bubs », little mischievous characters, are designed to be real bath toys: soft, malleable and velvety. A trio of companions to invent beautiful stories.

Each of the « Bubs » expresses a face of the range, a product benefit. Designed from the same mold, they are declined to evoke the diffrent the characters in a same family.