Happy childhood reminiscence

As an enchanted interlude, a blessed memory of tender days, Bonpoint dresses children and their mothers to immortalise the family bond. The cosmetic line is part of this emotional transmission to re-enchant the moment of family bath time.


A range of skincare and fragrances with sweet emotions, reminds a benevolent « madeleine de Proust ». The orange blossom olfactive signature, as the perfume of a morning brioche, mixes with enveloping textures and galenics.

Protection and affection guide the formulation charters to ensure product safety, safety and quality, in a respect for the living and the planet.


The familiar universe is applied on the different products thanks to delicate pastel tones. Velvety white and tender pink echo a benevolent sensoriality.

The iconic cherry appeals to our carefree memories and special moments, to the sweet taste of childhood.