An olfactory window on Paris

A kiss on le pont des Arts, a stroll along the Seine, an improvised meeting place Furstenberg or a discreet look at Vendome, … every sensation, every emotion, every place, tells us Paris.


Arts & Matières is a collection of perfume waters for men and women imagined by a pool of perfumers talents, Emmanuelle Juilliart, Caroline Mallejac, Alexandra Monet and Corinne Cachen who takes us on an olfactive walk … in the heart of the city of light .


Each perfume praises a material, revisited through the free reinterpretation of its creator, to tell us his Paris : a story, a memory, a dream …


A sign of timeless Parisian elegance, the identity evokes the different visible frames in the Haussmann style apartments: mirrors, paintings, windows …

It is by returning the perfume that it reveals all its inspiration because each label carries the impression of the place which it makes appear …